Clever Girl Power

April 21, 2018 1 Comment

Clever Girl Power

Hey Clever Girls!

With Women’s History Month and Equal Pay Day having just passed and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to take a minute to recognize the total awesomeness I’ve been experiencing from the wonderful women around me.  For me, March lead to an abundance of self-growth.  Birthdays always seem to be a time for reflection, but this year brought even more awareness and dare I say it, acceptance.  And I attribute all of that to some amazing ladies in my life.

At the beginning of the month, we wrapped up a photoshoot with the talented Mieke Snepvangers.  She has such a kind soul and has a way of bringing that through in her photos as you can see in our new shots on and @theblingsling.  Also within the first two weeks of March, I went to my first business coaching and intuitive reading and was blown away.  Both of these women were bursting with compassion, support, and inspiration for someone they had just met.  It was so great to feel that this female empowerment movement that we’re determined to keep moving forward is actually working.  Investing in small, women-owned businesses is mutually beneficial and if we all start paying it forward, in the words of Mean Girl, Cady Haren, “The limit does not exist”.

Speaking of Mean Girls, I was thrilled to participate in Step Up Women’s Network’s Women’s History Month panel on storytelling.  While the women in attendance were certainly not mean girls, the panel did acknowledge their experiences with these types of ladies and I realized that most of us have similar stories.  You know, the stories of the co-worker or classmate or frenemy who suddenly gets all conniving when an opportunity arises, doing anything and everything to get what she wants.  That girl.  She talks about empowering other women, but doesn’t follow through with her actions.  Maybe we still work with her?  Maybe we’re friends with her? Maybe sometimes we are her.  We can all benefit by recognizing her and leaving her behaviors out of our lives.  It’s the fear creeping in and distracting us from the abundance that’s waiting for us out there.

Abundance? Go ahead, call it “cheesy” or “hippie” or “so Californian”.  Hey, I’m a Midwestern gal and have totally sympathized with those thoughts.  That is, until I started opening up to the idea that mayyybe there is a little truth behind it and then I started seeing things change in my life.  I won’t go into it here, but I’m just sayin, don’t knock it ’til you try it. 

Anyway, we’ve been talking a lot about abundance with Kasey Dreier in my new favorite boss babe group, Bizzy, which is the ultimate group of women championing women.  It’s refreshing to be surrounded by so many badass ladies making incredible changes in our world.  I encourage you to find your own girl group that empowers you to talk about real issues, take action to make an impact, and focus on taking care of yourself.  Or if you’re in LA, even better, come join us! It’s incredible what can be accomplished when women come together with a purpose.

From the momentum of March came even more connections with other women.  We were featured in An Invincible Design's blog and will be featured in an upcoming article for Vision Her Now. These connections brought amazing conversations and support from the inspiring women founders, but also from my mom, sister, family and friends.  I can feel our bonds getting tighter the more we talk about our experiences and power as women.  I’ve learned that we need to be more than just mentors, we need to be advocates for one another.  Reach out to help a newbie in your field, suggest your deserving coworker for that promotion, take a couple of seconds to listen to someone’s story and connect them with someone who can help if you can’t. 

I think we can all agree that we’re done with this competition and cattiness and are ready to see what kind of world we can live in with strong, empowered, supportive women living abundant lives.  When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.


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Nancy Klarich
Nancy Klarich

November 18, 2018

It has been amazing to watch you grow into such a strong and beautiful woman. You are an inspiration to both young women starting out and us “old” women scared of change. So proud and impressed. Your loving aunt, Nancy

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