Our Story

I’ve always loved traveling. As a kid, it was mostly road trips to Disney World and the beach. In college, I was taking out student loans to study abroad. And after graduation, I put in five years working for Hyatt and taking full advantage of their travel perks. I truly believe that no matter where you live in the world, we’re more alike than we are different and if each of us lives our lives doing what we love, spreading kindness, and sharing experiences through travel, we will be more open-minded, more connected and we’ll bring the world closer together.


With over 12 countries visited and numerous trips around the U.S., I’ve barely scratched the surface of my bucket list, but I have packed my bags thousands of times. As a chronic over-packer, I spent years finding the best way to strategically fit the most I possibly could in the smallest space. I’m talking 10-day backpacking trips across 6 countries kind of packing! Without a doubt, every time I’d jump on my bag to zip up, I’d realize I’d forgotten my jewelry! I tried everything from boxes to bags to rolls and couldn’t find anything that would take minimal space in my luggage without causing the dreaded jumble of necklaces when I arrived.


So I had an idea! And after several years of researching and prototyping, I created the blingsling®: a slim and flexible jewelry bag that uses patent-pending, magnetic straps to keep jewelry organized and tangle-free. But I wasn’t done. I wanted to build a product that I felt 100% confident about from the production to the packaging. So I spent even more time sourcing reclaimed, vegan fabrics and manufacturing locally. Then I rethought every part of the process to minimize waste and be as eco-friendly as possible. Before launching, I had one more important piece of the puzzle to finish. I wanted to pay it forward to inspire other women and girls to live their best lives. With gender equality comes a more balanced world. And a more balanced world is a better place for everyone. So I partnered with organizations empowering women and proudly give back a portion of the proceeds to support this cause.


I’m excited to build our community of clever girl travelers who are on the same mission. It’s a big job, but actions speak louder than words, and if we remember to love, inspire, grow, and enjoy, our world will be closer and more equal before we know it!


Happy travels!


Jordan Krouse

Founder, the blingsling®


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