Where To Shop Small This Holiday Season

November 22, 2019

Jordan Krouse with blingsling travel jewelry organizers at Unique Markets

Jordan Krouse with blingsling jewelry organizers at Unique Markets


Most of us love the idea of shopping small; helping out the community, making a direct impact on people’s lives, and knowing our goods are ethically made. But it can sometimes be hard to find these hidden gems in the mix of the chaotic holiday season. I get it. I feel the same, but you’ve got to start somewhere. To get your conscious consuming started, why not visit us at one of the holiday pop-ups below?

Come to Unique Markets! This is my second year vending at the holiday market, but I’ve been coming to shop for years and it always has some amazing gift ideas. Plus, you feel good buying from the actual maker or designer and supporting your local community. I’ll be at the one on the Santa Monica Pier on December 14th and 15th with all of our blingsling® tangle-free jewelry bags, but they host pop-ups all over the country now, so if you’re not in LA, check them out near you.

We’ll also be popping up with Tuesday Nights on December 3rd and on the Sony lot on December 11th. If you’re involved with either of those groups, come by and say hi!

If you’re still wondering why you should consider shopping small this holiday season, check out my previous post here.


Happy holidays, clever girls!

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.


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