15 Clever Girl Packing Tips

April 07, 2019 2 Comments

15 Clever Girl Packing Tips with the blingsling travel jewelry bag

Everyone assumes since I created the blingsling® that I have ALL these tips for organizing and packing and things. What, am I supposed to be a lover of lists and structure and efficiency just because I care about organizing my jewelry? Well, you’re RIGHT! I am that person and I DO have some tips! Keep reading for a few of my favorites…


1. Make a list on an app like Anylist and build it with everything you can think of (or everything I’ve thought of for you here) so it’s ready to go before every trip. No need to take time making a new one or thinking through the whole itinerary every time you have to pack. It’s ready to go, just uncheck the items you don’t need and get to packing!


2. Use the small suitcase if you can. I know, I know! Sometimes it’s just impossible. Trust me!! I know. I’m the worrrrst at this. But if you’re able to make it work, it makes travel so so much easier. My husband and I just took carry-ons on our last trip to Mexico and OMG if we didn’t save hours by beating the lines through customs!


3. Check with your airline and hotel for fees and amenities. This gives you an idea of how much you can bring and what you may not even need to bring. Personally, I’m a fan of Southwest where I can bring 2 bags for free and I’m ALL about utilizing the free amenities from the hotel to save on space!


4. If you’re not wearing your hat in transit, pack it FIRST. I like to put it upside down, then fill it with clothes and pack around it to stabilize it and keep its shape.


5. Shoes are next. And at the bottom and sides so they don’t slide all around on top of your clean clothes. Speaking of clean clothes, turn your easily-stained items like white tops inside out to keep them from getting ruined.


6. Use your shoes and hats to store socks, underwear or swimsuits. I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. Every inch of space saved is an inch of space earned, right?


7. Pack a basic wardrobe with neutrals and accessorize with jewelry in your blingsling®. This one is also a challenge for me but has been on my goals for a while. Creating a more minimalist look is not only in style right now, but it helps save space by mixing and matching and using the same shoes, jackets, and other layers. Plus there are so many cute statement earrings that can give the same outfit a totally new vibe.


8. Use the blingsling® to organize your jewelry. Layer your necklaces horizontally under the magnetic straps so they don’t tangle. If you overlap them slightly, you can get four under each one. Use the smaller straps at the top to keep your earrings and rings in place and throw your bracelets in the zippered pouch. Roll it, fold it, and you’re ready to pack it.


9. Store up mini versions of your cosmetics to use just for travel. Better yet, keep these ready to go in a separate, travel-sized bag.


10. Put your small bags inside of another bag. It keeps all of your little items like makeup and toiletries together and organized while keeping it from spilling or getting lost in the abyss of clothes. Remember to put a buffer layer between your spill-able items and your stainable items. If there isn’t room for my toiletries in the outside zipper, I’ll lay an easily cleanable jacket or beach towel between my cosmetics bags and my clothes. 


11. Think fewer bottoms, more tops. Let’s face it, no one’s going to care if you wear the same jeans over your weekend vacay! Make it feel different by switching up the style of tops you pair with them, but make sure they’re comfortable. You don’t want to be left stranded with one pair of annoying pants for a whole trip! Unless you want to go shopping? Then donate the heck out of those uncomfy leg-traps and get yourself something new.


12. Wear your chunkiest outfit w/ layers. Not only will this save you space in the case. (See what I did there?) It is without a doubt always FREEZING on planes and you’ll be thanking me later. I gotcha, girl!


13. Secure your packed items if there’s extra room (HA! I know, just hear me out.), but make sure there’s nothing crushable near the wheels of the bag, like that hat you packed earlier. It’s easy to forget that it’s going from flat to standing and all the weight will go to one end.


14. Keep your essentials and expensive things in your carry-on. You’re probably already doing this, but it’s worth saying ‘cause I think it’s important. You can use your beach bags or laptop bags as the carry-on, too, to maximize space in your checked bag.


15. My favorite tip: always use the same compartments for the same things in your purse or carry-on. It gives you a routine for packing and makes finding your stuff so much easier. I can always tell when my husband borrows the keys based on where I find them in my purse. If they’re not in the small, right pocket, they’ve been compromised. It saves me loads of time going through security, packing, and just, in general, making sure I don’t forget things.


So there ya have it! A few tips that I hope make your life a heck of a lot easier. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!


Happy travels!


Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.



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April 09, 2019

Thanks for sharing, Karen! Have a fabulous time in Dallas!

Karen Hart
Karen Hart

April 09, 2019

When packing makeup and hair care products , I like to pack them in quart sized ziplock bags. That way if something leaks it doesn’t ruin my clothes. Love your tips and I plan on using them over Easter on my Dallas trip. :)

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