What to Pack for Your Spring Break Getaway

March 07, 2018

What To Pack For Your Spring Break Getaway

Hey Clevergirls!

Spring has always been such an uplifting and inspirational time for me.  Growing up in the Midwest, hitting March meant there was a light at the end of the snowy tunnel.  Being a Pisces (though technically not born in spring) I always had a burst of excitement going into the season of blossoming flowers, dance recitals and summer vacations.  Especially since Spring Break combines so many of my loves; spring, travel…breaks…I thought I’d share some tips on what to bring with you on your next vacay. 

First, I’d like to confess to easily filling a couple of those extra large suitcases on the shortest of trips even though I “never have anything to wear”.  However, if it’s at all possible, I recommend TRYING to pack with a neutral pallet and using accessories to add pops of color and excitement to your wardrobe.  To start, try a classic LBD like this one from Style Saint…



So we’ve already determined that we’re packing neutrals.  But how am I supposed to make a statement? Jewelry, of course!  But how am I supposed to bring all of my favorite pieces?  The blingsling®! 🙌 Check out our debut collection with four travel-inspired, resort-style prints to travel with all of your jewelry tangle-free! It’s slim and flexible to save you room, but the magnetic straps keep multiple necklaces stable in each one so you can pack them all!


Be sure to stuff your blingsling full of all your beachy, tassel earrings, colorful statement pieces and dainty everyday necklaces so you’re ready for every occasion.  With the right accessories, you can make the same dress have a different look from brunch to beach cover up to dinner at the trendiest spot in the city.  Here are a few of our favorites from CA Souls, LVL Collective and Starfish Project that are more than just pretty pieces…







Speaking of pretty little things.  I’m totally girl-crushing on this good-vibes swimsuit brand based in Utah. Yay for flattering one-pieces!  Try out this one from Albionfit to match with your tassel earrings.


One of the things I always forget is a bag to go with me all over my vacation.  Sticking with the neutral theme, we want something that can go with you to the beach and you can continue to carry all night.  I recommend something like the beach tote below from Loeffler Randall that has all of those vacation vibes, but isn’t too big or loud to keep with you the rest of the day. Not to mention, it’s flexible to fit in your suitcase.   


If there’s anything that my youth has taught me, it’s that that tan looks great at the moment, but it doesn’t quite hold up 15 years later.  As much as I want to soak up the sun all day Sheryl Crow style, it’s crucial that I protect my baby-fair skin from the rays.  Sunscreen, aloe (in case the rays still find you), a large sunhat and these eco-friendly sunglasses from Earthwood Goods will keep you shielded so you can still get out in that beautiful sunshine and stay healthy and glowing.


If you’re anything like me and want to maximize your time on the beach and minimize your time getting ready…especially drying your hair…try out this bomb surf spray from Bumble and Bumble to take advantage of those beachy waves and embrace the humidity.  You can do it! You’re on vacation!




Now that we’ve covered what you need to go out, let’s make sure you have your essentials in the room. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend investing in a water bottle with a filter.  This saves on plastic being wasted with single-use bottles, keeps those dollars in your bank account and tastes SO much better than faucet water from the hotel.  Especially if you’re traveling to a place that you’re just a little unsure of the water quality, it works perfectly!  I’ll even throw in some flavor packets or lime juice to make quick cocktails in the hotel room before heading out.  Of course you’ll want to stop by the Duty Free shop for the spirits before heading to the hotel ;-)  Here’s one from Brita that’s flexible, light-weight and works like a charm…


Whether you’re prepping in your room or relaxing in the sand, you’ll want one of these portable speakers to keep the steel drums setting the mood all vacay long.  This one from Braven is heavy duty, waterproof, and still small enough to throw in your carry-on.


Last but not least, don’t forget some food!  Healthy snacks like raw almonds or this vegan Kind bar are enough to start your day or keep you from a full-on hangry rage before dinner.  Eat up!



AND if you’re going out of the country, don’t forget your PASSPORT!


Happy travels!

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.



Title + blingsling® photo by Mieke Snepvangers

All other photos from corresponding linked sites.


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