What I Love About the Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box

May 05, 2019

What I Love About the Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box

In the prototyping phase for the blingsling®, I went through a huge spring cleaning that resulted in me purging my small DTLA apartment of a surprising amount of stuff. How did we even have that much stuff in here?! Anyway, I ended up selling about 95% of my jewelry. I had most of it for a while and was just ready for a fresh look. But then I realized, I was left with hardly anything to accessorize! Not the best for someone who is literally talking about jewelry on a daily basis. So I needed to find a way to restock my collection with pieces I L-O-V-E-D instead of things I’d buy just for special occasions or the classic stud I’d wear everyday. That’s when the clouds parted and Rocksbox entered like a beacon of bling into my life. I’m about a month into my membership and it’s a game. changer. Here’s why…


It’s easy to use.  Everything from the website and emails to the shipping and Rocksbox itself are super detailed and easy to understand. They let you know what’s coming in your box, with pictures of each piece, ahead of time so you can switch up what you’re getting if you want. It’s timely (I got two shipments in my first month with plenty of time to wear everything) and I love that the mailer and box are reusable.

Rocksbox jewelry in blingsling jewelry bag

It has something for every occasion. You can pick out your favorite rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in your wish list or have a stylist pick for you. Rocksbox offers all types of jewelry for all types of women. I consider myself pretty picky and was pleased to fill out a style profile to give them a better idea of my taste. You can pick something for a specific occasion and date or let them make the decisions for you. I also like being able to leave notes for my stylist- like my request to always have a new necklace included.

Rocksbox drop earrings

It’s great quality. They’re nicer quality than some of the pieces I would have gotten for last minute events and have a variety of name brands like Kate Spade and Kendra Scott.

Rocksbox Kate Spade necklace

It’s perfect for testing pieces out. I’m such an indecisive shopper and am basically the opposite of an impulse buyer. I overthink every purchase. It’s a curse! But I love getting to test things out to see how they work with my wardrobe before buying. You know the whole “Will I ever wear this?” thing. Ugh! Lifesaver.

Jordan Krouse wearing Rocksbox jewelry from the blingsling travel bag

It’s a deal! It’s only $21/month PLUS the monthly fee goes towards a purchase! My first buy is going to be the yellow fringe hoop earrings I got in my latest Rocksbox from Wilde. They’re the perfect statement piece, but I probably would have been too indecisive about the color to buy them in the store or online. Yay for being able to try them out!

Rocksbox statement earrings

It’s REALLY a deal! Umm, seriously girls. The first month is free if you use code blingslingxoxo when you sign up! How can you beat that?!


After you sign up, make sure to grab a blingsling® to keep all of your new pieces organized and your necklaces tangle-free when you travel! You can see how I pack my Rocksbox pieces in my blingsling® on my IGTV videos here and here. Have you tried Rocksbox or the blingsling® yet? Let me know in the comments!


Happy shopping, clever girls!


Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.



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