The Clever Girl’s Ultimate Packing List

October 24, 2018

The Clever Girl's Ultimate Packing List with blingsling travel jewelry bag

Hey Clever Girls!

Have you ever made it all the way to your vacay destination to realize you forgot something back at home?! Isn’t it the worst?! As an over-planner and extreme lover of lists, I decided to put together a master outline so this never happens to us again. Yay! Keep scrolling for a few packing tips and a checklist, so we can all spend less time getting ready and spend more time doing what we LOVE!

1. Pack as early as possible. This will leave you time to think things over and let other ideas come to you before you leave.

2. Check the weather. Buying new umbrellas, swimsuits, and shoes can really add up.

3. Know what you’re doing when you get there. I think most of us probably pack differently for a beach wedding than we do for a ski trip. But if you don’t, power to ya!

4. Try to pack with a theme. I know it’s hard, but you can use jewelry from your blingsling®, like statement necklaces, tassel earrings and stackable rings, to change up the look of your basics while using minimal space.

5. Stick to a list. I put one together so you can double check that you have everything. Right click on the photo below to save and print it off, or add the items to your favorite list-making app so it’s with you all the time!


The Clever Girl's Ultimate Travel Packing List


Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.



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