My Vegan Journey

May 01, 2018

My Vegan Journey

Hey Clever Girls!

Clever Designs LA and the blingsling® are coming to you IRL this month for a couple of vegan festivals!  As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to build CDLA the most ethical way I knew how, which of course meant building a vegan company not only for the animals, but for the environment, as well.  But while the company and the blingsling® are 100% vegan, I have to admit, my personal vegan lifestyle is still a work in progress. 

Those of you reading who know me or have met me at markets know that I’m constantly trying to improve myself.  I’m working on being more eco-conscious, trying to support small businesses more, and lead a healthier, balanced lifestyle.  In building the blingsling, I learned so much about ethical business and wanted to challenge myself to be a more conscious consumer.  What I didn’t realize is how much goes into switching lifestyles and how it doesn’t just happen overnight.

So in trying to be better, I’ve actually experienced a ton of guilt.  Every purchase I make leads to a million questions.  What is this made of? Who made it? Is it vegan? Is this plastic? What are your alternatives? Which is good!  You have to ask yourself those questions.  But sometimes there just aren’t alternatives.  And for me, at this point in my life, that’s okay.  I’m giving myself a break just like I hope you give yourself and your friends and family a break. Because, here’s a shocker, sometimes we’re just not perfect.  Because, another shocker, no one is perfect.  Regardless of what some online troll pretends, some gossiper believes, or that inner monologue strives for.

As I’ve been going through my journey with transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, I was scared to admit my struggles, but also didn’t want to come off as a poser.  I know the majority of the vegan community are empowering others to lead more empathetic lives, but I’ve also seen the outliers who’ve made some harsh judgements.  But the more I open up about the challenges, the more I’m finding encouragement from others like Taryn of and Katie of  I’m realizing that everyone’s story is unique and for the most part, we all want what’s best for ourselves and for others.

I’m 100% confident that I’m doing the best I can to lead an empathetic, kind, and compassionate life.  My intentions are truly to make this world a better place.  I might not be able to consider myself totally vegan just yet, but I can for my company and that’s a huge victory for me! 

If you see me at the Clever Designs LA booth at Vegfest LA or Eat. Drink. Vegan. this month, please come up and share your story on going vegan and any tips you have.  If you’re thinking about making the transition yourself, I encourage you to go for it!  Even if it’s starting with baby steps like meatless Monday or eating a weekday vegan diet.  Have fun on Pinterest making your favorite non-vegan foods the vegan way!  Grab a friend to do it with you and watch some documentaries to get started.  I know I say it again and again, but really, if we all make little changes, we’ll start to see a big difference. 

Thanks for your support clever girls!

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.


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