Hey Clevergirls! It's Launch Day for CDLA!!

November 17, 2017

Hey Clevergirls! It's Launch Day for CDLA!!

Hey Gals!

Today’s LAUNCH DAY!  I just want to take a second to share my story. 

Almost 10 years ago, I had this crazy idea for a bag that would keep my necklaces in place and detangled while I traveled.  It sat in the back of my mind for YEARS as I prioritized school, work and well, life.  Fast forward to 2015 when I finally convinced myself that this idea wasn’t going away and I should put a solid effort towards making it work.  Because, why not?!

After saving up, putting together a plan and getting support from my family, a year later I walked away from my sweet work perks determined to give it a shot…regardless of the outcome.

Today, after a year of filling my Google search history with “how do you…” queries, my little idea has come to life.  The blingsling™ is here!

Most importantly, I wanted to build a business with kindness, consideration and empathy and have done my best to do just that.  (Enter shameless plug) The blingsling™ is made with fair wages in LA, is eco-friendly and vegan and donates a portion of all proceeds to Step Up Women’s Network to empower other women to follow their dreams.

Look, I’m by no means the definition of success and still have a ways to go on my own journey, but I just want to send a bit of encouragement to all of you to listen to that little voice in your head no matter how wild, difficult or far-fetched your dream may seem to others.  You’ll never be as young as you are at this moment, so you do you girl! Thanks to each and every one of you who has supported me in my new path. Life is unpredictable…keep writing and editing and re-writing YOUR story!

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.


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