10 Ways To Spring Break Like A Clever Girl

March 31, 2019

10 Ways to Spring Break Like A Clever Girl

Are you seeing everyone’s spring break pics and regretting your decision to skip the trip this year? First, why did you decide to skip spring break? That’s crazy! Spring break isn’t just for the kiddos and college partiers. It’s for YOU, too! Second, don’t worry. I have some ideas below to help make sure you don’t skip SB2019…


1. Explore your nearest big city. You see it every day, or at least every couple of months. But do you really know what your city has to offer? When was the last time you stayed right downtown? When was the last time you went to the museums or landmarks or ate the food it’s known for? Playing tourist in your own town can be a lot of fun!

2. Get out of the city. If you live in the city already, maybe you could use a little break with some greenery and fresh air? Going to a nearby small town can give you just the change of scenery you need. I’m always in awe of how relaxed I feel when I get out of DTLA into the mountains or even to a smaller neighborhood like Pasadena. It’s refreshing to mix it up!


3. Visit out-of-town friends or family. Okay, I’m throwing myself under the bus by not visiting family this year, but it is a good idea. (Sorry fam!) Going to see family that doesn’t live near you or even just going back to where you grew up can give you a great change of pace for your break. Also, going to see friends that have moved will give you a reason to visit a new city you’d never thought of visiting before and BONUS, you get to experience it with a local!


4. Take a spontaneous road trip. Hopping in the car and just driving without reservations is on my bucket list. I’m such a planner, but I love the idea of a spontaneous trip! Use the Hotel Tonight app to book your last-minute hotel for reduced prices!


5. Plan around last-minute deals. Using tools like Travelzoo, Kayak, Hopper, and Fareness can help you find the best place to go for your buck. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the decision to someone else.


6. Go where your points can take you. Check with your credit cards, hotel rewards, and airline miles to see what you have saved up and put them to use! What makes vacation even better? Knowing you got it for a sweet deal, or even FREE!


7. Stay away from theme parks. Just trust me, they’re mad. Unless your super sweet hookup outweighs the madness, go ahead and plant that idea in the off-season. The crowds, lines, and hunting for a place to sit down can get old really fast.


8. Try a retreat. Go somewhere with a like-minded group. There are retreats for nearly everything; female travelers, plant-based eaters, wellness advocates, anything! It’s a great opportunity to meet people while experiencing things you’re bound to love.


9. Splurge on the last two. Stay in a middle-range hotel or hostel for all but your last two nights, then switch to the fanciest place you can afford. It gives you a taste of luxury without totally breaking the bank and you’re likely going to appreciate it even more after “roughing” it at the beginning. Make sure it comes at the end of the trip though or you risk the opposite effect!


10. Get out and explore somewhere, anywhere, new! Just pack your blingsling® and go! Give yourself a break, you totally deserve it clever girl! It doesn’t matter if you’re going a town over or across the globe, you’re growing and making connections and inspiring others to do the same. A well-traveled world brings people together. Do it for all of us!


    Happy travels!

    Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.








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